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Eyes on Milwaukee: Council Approves Arena, Hammes Design Changes

The Milwaukee Common Council unanimously approved design changes to two major construction projects underway in Downtown. The changes to the new arena and Hammes Company office building were previously endorsed by the council’s Zoning, Neighborhoods & Development Committee and the City Plan Commission. The change to the arena project involves adding more signage to the arena’s exterior, including an 85-foot long digital board and an interactive monument sign. The Hammes building, now under construction, will see its height reduced as the signature dome is lowered five-feet, seven-inches and nearby windows are standardized.[...]

It didn’t take more than five minutes for the council’s zoning committee to approve a modification to the proposed, classical design for Hammes Company’s new downtown headquarters. The full council beat that, with zero floor debate on the matter. The building is being constructed at 210 E. Knapp St., a vacant lot in the Park East corridor on the north end of downtown. After developing the five-story, 94,000 square-foot building, Hammes will relocate their Brookfield office and some 80 employees to the new digs.

At the committee hearing area alderman and committee member Nik Kovac reiterated his support for the design, noting that plan to lower the dome on the building’s southwest corner “makes the dome seem more connected to the rest of the building.” Kovac stated that “I said from the beginning that I think it’s good to have a range of styles Downtown.” Calling that section of Downtown a “nearly blank canvas,” Kovac said he welcomed the diversity the building would bring to N. Water St., while noting that he also approved of the other buildings being built along N. Water St.

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