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Capital / Project Management

Today, healthcare executives are facing an increasingly difficult financial environment, a reimbursement system changing from volume to value-based and a sharp focus on bringing the cost of healthcare down. In this environment, it is imperative to manage capital and assets to maximize the efficiency and value of the enterprise. The decision framework and approach for identifying where (capital management) and how (project management) capital is deployed plays a key role in the ongoing success of an organization. Hammes Company offers a full range of capital and project management services designed with the end goal in mind – helping our clients deliver quality, cost-effective care now and well into the future.    

Capital Management 
Hammes Company has helped many of the nation’s largest health systems set up effective capital management processes. Our approach for evaluating and prioritizing strategic investments incorporates the best practices and lessons learned from these organizations to help you develop a capital decision-making process which facilitates strong financial performance. 

Our process is data-driven and includes a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, a thorough analysis of all investment opportunities, a methodology and scoring system to support effective decision making and a disciplined process to ensure that projects are delivered as planned.  

Project Management 
Hammes Company has been helping clients plan and build remarkable healing facilities for over two decades. As a testament to our success in this area, Hammes Company has been ranked as the top developer of healthcare facilities by Modern Healthcare's Construction & Design Survey for the past 17 years. 

We provide the full continuum of services, from strategy to planning to implementation, which gives us the perspective to go above and beyond on-time and on-budget to help our clients achieve the right strategic project for their market. Ultimately, this will ensure that your project fulfills one of its most important criteria - to create a superior healing environment where people need it most. 

We also understand the overwhelming demands on capital in today’s environment, and view being good stewards of our clients’ financial resources as a top priority, acting as though their resources were our own. With this in mind, many times we deliver savings that exceed our fee. Hammes Company is uniquely focused on providing real value to the process not only through cost savings but also in the flexibility of our approach - providing any combination from “full management” to “augment as needed” - to give you what you need, when you need it.