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How to Develop a System-wide Access Strategy

A New Paradigm for Healthcare Strategy

Powerful trends are driving rapid evolution in the healthcare industry. Changes in reimbursement and consumer expectations are forcing providers to increase quality and improve the patient experience while simultaneously lowering costs.

As a result, the focus of healthcare facility strategy is shifting. Historically, the master planning process focused on hospital campus expansions. Today, advanced healthcare strategy focuses on designing an entire network that delivers quality, efficiency, and convenience for unprecedented growth in insured populations.

Hammes calls this new focus Healthcare Access Strategy because the objective is to connect patients to the right care in the right setting at the right cost.


This white paper presents three broad steps for developing a system-wide access strategy. Healthcare leaders can use these steps to launch internal discussions about access and begin developing a powerful strategy for the coming decades as baby boomers progress through their peak healthcare consumption years. 

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