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Key Questions We Can Help Answer - Capital / Project Management

Visit our recent whitepaper written by Senior Vice President, Nancy Connolly, addressing key considerations for developing a new hospital:

  • Do we have a clear and consistent process for allocating capital?
  • Do we have a risk management plan for project implementation?
  • What impact will different reimbursement models have on financial performance?
  • What return can we expect from our investments?
  • How can we properly balance strategy with financial return?
  • What is our capital availability?
  • What are our competing priorities for capital? 
  • How does our organization define available capital and allocate it among investment categories?
  • Are all capital investments evaluated in a consistent way? 
  • What facilities and space do we need to meet our service delivery plan? 
  • What facility infrastructure investments are required and how are those investments prioritized? 
  • How can our campus and facility space be best utilized? 
  • How do we identify and evaluate all project risks and set up a comprehensive process for mitigation?
  • How do we avoid recreating the wheel on every project?  
  • What are the different approaches to facility development and how do we make the right decision about our project? 
  • How do we ensure the accuracy of our conceptual budget to make the right decision about moving forward? 
  • How is the project team best organized and managed for effective collaboration?
  • What are industry standard fee ranges for the consultants we may need on our project?  
  • Do we have an efficient process for identifying and obtaining all required public approvals? 
  • Are we effectively managing the design to ensure a cost-efficient approach that provides flexibility to meet changing demands?
  • What type of insurance will we need and who will guide us to the most cost-effective option? 
  • How do we effectively incorporate national trends / best practices related to our project?
  • Do we have the expertise and time resources to manage the day-to-day implementation process? 
  • Who will ensure that project goals and objectives established in planning are maintained throughout implementation?
  • What type of reporting should be put in place to properly monitor project budget and schedule to identify issues early in the process to change course?
  • What system should we use for documenting, tracking and reporting project data to support project management?
  • Can we reduce the project schedule to meet our speed-to-market goals?
  • What are some of the specific ways we can reduce project costs across a portfolio of projects? 
  • Does our organization have a disciplined process for implementing approved investment opportunities to ensure projects are delivered as planned?
  • Can we meet our market service goals with less capital?
  • Can our capital investments be phased over time?