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Key Questions We Can Help Answer - Real Estate Optimization

  • Does our real estate approach tie to our organization’s strategy?
  • Do we have a defined real estate strategy that supports our ambulatory expansion and medical staff development plans?
  • Are we managing our assets with an understanding of our future space needs
  • Are there opportunities to save money by managing our real estate more efficiently?
  • Are we maximizing the revenue-generating potential of our real estate assets?
  • What is the true cost of occupancy to meet our service deployment goals?
  • What is the most appropriate facility solution for our space need? How should we evaluate different site opportunities? Should we lease or build?  
  • Does the ownership structure of our real estate portfolio provide maximum benefit to our physicians and our organization’s bottom line?
  • Have we acquired real estate assets that should be repositioned? 
  • Are there non-strategic assets that we should consider divesting?
  • How can we measure and monitor the satisfaction levels of our most important tenants?
  • How do we track performance improvement within our real estate organization?
  • What key performance indicators should our real estate department measure? 
  • How do our real estate and facility management costs compare to industry standards?
  • Does the way we manage our real estate put us at risk for Stark violations?
  • Do we have the right internal/external staffing model for the size of our portfolio?
  • What facilities and space do we need to meet our service delivery plan? 
  • What facility infrastructure investments are required and how are those investments prioritized? 
  • What size sites do we need to accomplish our service goals in specific locations?
  • How do we select the right strategic site(s)? 
  • Do our leased or owned assets reflect our organization’s brand identity?  
  • Can a non-healthcare facility be adapted to accommodate medical uses?
  • How can we bring a retail mindset to the acquisition and management of our real estate assets?