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Hammes Company & DCCS Consulting Q&A


Why have Hammes Company and DCCS Consulting formed this strategic partnership? 

Hammes Company achieved its long-standing leadership position in healthcare facility development because of its unique integrated service model. Operations transformation and clinical excellence have long been pivotal to that model including pioneering “hospitals without beds,” freestanding EDs and other innovative health delivery concepts.  

DCCS Consulting shares with Hammes a long track record of advising and partnering with health systems. DCCS has evolved into a dynamic advisory company driven by exceptional health care operations and clinical expertise delivering performance results in hospitals, service lines, physician practices, and other health system settings.  

We believe that together Hammes Company and DCCS provide clients with the most compelling and comprehensive range of advisory services and set the highest standard in the industry for leading healthcare transformation.  


What benefits will this strategic partnership between DCCS & Hammes Company bring to clients? 

This relationship brings clients clinical and operational subject matter expertise during the planning, design, and/or activation phases of a major capital project. Through this partnership, our experienced consultants can collaborate to solve complex challenges and deliver solutions that only the most experienced operational and clinical performance improvement leaders can provide. While each consultant has a specific area of focus, we believe this collaborative approach is what ultimately drives value to our clients. 

For example, consider a hospital that wants more ORs, but is underutilizing existing OR capacity that could be accessed if physician scheduling or room turnaround could be improved. DCCS would provide senior-level perioperative expertise to evaluate and solve operational issues that could reduce the need for the ORs and improve the viability of a prospective renovation project challenged by capital constraints.

Likewise, DCCS clients will benefit from access to Hammes Company professionals who can lead strategic market assessments, functional space assessments, or space planning/design in a hospital or health center.


What types of advisory services will Hammes and DCCS provide? 

We believe that collectively, our consultants offer a complementary set of skills, perspectives, and expertise that benefit our clients. Below is a summary of key advisory services provided: 

Hammes Company DCCS Consulting
Ambulatory Network Strategy Financial Advisory Services
Master Facility Planning Operational/Clinical Advisory Service
Space Planning and Programming Hospital Physicians Advisory Services
Capital Project Management/Owners’ Rep Interim & Permanent Recruitment Services
Real Estate Advisory Surgical Management Improvement Group
Development Feasibility Strategic and Governance Advisory Services
Real Estate Financing and Ownership Management Advisory Services
Quality Advisory Services
Human Resources Advisory Services 

Who are your consultants?

Both Hammes Company and DCCS employ seasoned healthcare executives. Hammes Company’s advisory services team is led by Rex Holloway, who has provided strategy leadership and consulting for leading healthcare systems nationwide for more than 30 years. The Hammes Company Advisory Services team includes Dave Connolly, Kathy O’Connor, Chalit Fernando, and others bringing expertise on complex assignments. 

The DCCS Consulting team consists of 10 full-time consultants and is led by Dave Capone. Dave served as CFO and in other leadership roles for national healthcare systems and has an emphasis on hospital financial and operational turnarounds. 


Where can I learn more about DCCS Consulting?

To learn more about DCCS Consulting, please visit