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Best practices for project management, design, and construction in California under OSHPD

April 2006

With a rigorous set of construction standards and procedures to adhere to, hospitals in California are considered by many architects and engineers to be among the most complex buildings in the world to construct. They are also extremely expensive to build.

To improve design, quality control, and construction of hospital building projects, the California Hospital Association (CHA), in conjunction with the California Society for Healthcare Engineers (CSHE) and the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), assembled a work group to come up with practical recommendations for architects, engineers, project managers, and designers.

The resulting manual, Best Practices for Project Management, Design, and Construction of Buildings Under OSHPD Jurisdiction, is intended to aid in the design and review of hospital construction projects and serve as a model for avoiding costly delays sometimes associated with complex construction efforts.

This manual is available through the California HealthCare Foundation.