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Real Estate Optimization

The question for many organizations is how to reduce costs while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care under the constraints of reimbursement declines and other cost pressures. In the face of these challenges, healthcare executives must look across the organization for ways to reduce costs and generate a more efficient approach. Given that real estate can represent as much as 40 percent of the assets on a hospital’s balance sheet, an efficient real estate management approach can bring significant cost savings and maximize the use of these important assets. 

Hammes Company provides a suite of comprehensive real estate advisory offerings that will help you create real value as you optimize your real estate assets. Our perspective is shaped through our experience gained in owning and managing a national portfolio of acute care and ambulatory real estate. We understand how the strategic positioning and effective management of your real estate portfolio can be used to support the overall mission of your organization.  

Hammes Company will assist your organization in managing its real estate assets in a manner that generates significant cost savings while also enhancing the quality of care and improving your patient experience both of which are intimately influenced by the real estate environment.

For more information about real estate acquisition and development capital opportunities, please contact our affiliate Hammes Partners.