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St. Bernard Parish Hospital complete with new medical office opening

BROOKFIELD, Wis. and CHALMETTE, La., December 19, 2013 – Eight years after Hurricane Katrina dealt a decimating blow to greater New Orleans, one of the remaining critical pieces has been restored with the opening of the integrated, on-campus medical office building (MOB) at St. Bernard Parish Hospital, located at 8000 W. Judge Perez Dr. in the Parish seat of Chalmette.

After a lengthy planning and development process, St. Bernard Parish Hospital opened in 2012, replacing temporary trailer clinics that were erected after the storm destroyed all local medical centers in 2005, including Chalmette Medical Center. The subsequent three-story, 69,000-square-foot MOB is owned by the St. Bernard Parish Hospital Service District (HSD) and is currently 85 percent leased to a mix of specialty and general practice physicians.

Brookfield-based, leading healthcare consulting firm Hammes Company has been delivering services to support the new campus development since the very beginning. Along with acting as project manager on both facilities, Hammes Company previously provided planning, programming and assisted in securing financing for the new campus. The firm also provided volume projections for the decimated community when uncertainty remained around what percentage of the pre-storm population would return to the area.

“The opening of the adjacent clinic solidifies St. Bernard Parish Hospital as the core provider of medical services to our community,” says Chief Executive Officer and board member Wayne J. Landry.  “It is our goal to provide exceptional, progressive care through the state-of-the-art hospital, new technology initiatives and the services provided in the MOB.”

“Our first-year data says we are operating at higher capacity than originally planned, signaling a growing market. This was a complex project, and we could not have accomplished it without the help of Hammes Company,” continues Landry.

The MOB connects to the hospital at multiple points, providing access and convenience for patients, physicians and administrative staff. The completion of the MOB plays an integral role in the hospital’s operations and rounds out their service mix to include cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, internists, on-site laboratory services, primary care and a joint venture sleep laboratory.

“We’ve been on the ground working on this project with the leaders of St. Bernard Parish Hospital and HSD since those very early days,” recalls Phillip Wendling, Project Executive, Hammes Company. “It was clear that the new St. Bernard Parish Hospital campus was vital in re-establishing the Parish community for the people of Chalmette.”

Architectural design for the MOB was provided by New Orleans firms Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects and Duplantier & Meric Architects LLC, while construction was provided by Brice Building Company LLC, also of New Orleans.

The campus was designed and engineered to sustain extreme conditions, including hurricane-force winds, which will help it withstand the impact of future natural disasters.

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