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Strategic Positioning

In today’s environment, establishing a solid strategic position for the future has never been more important – or more challenging – for healthcare executives and their organizations. Setting the right strategic direction in the face of uncertainty can be a daunting and very difficult task. Accepting and adapting to that changing environment will be the difference between those organizations that thrive – and those that do not.

Hammes Company can help you navigate through these challenging times. We provide a broad range of advisory services which include our ability to help you with the critical task of strategically positioning your organization for the future. We base our recommendations on a thorough analysis of both present factors (market share, service area, services) and foreseeable developments (market dynamics, reform) and develop a road map to help you achieve that positioning to ensure success.  

Our fact based, data-driven analysis coupled with our broad national experience and best practice thinking yields recommendations that are innovative yet practical and can be implemented. We offer our point of view, but also listen to your unique organizational needs and perspectives to collaboratively develop the right strategic positioning to support a sustainable competitive advantage in your market.