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Opening a New Healthcare Facility: Are you Patient Ready?

Article by Liz Durrence, Hammes Company Operational Readiness Executive

Having served as Chief Operating Officer of large hospitals, I have firsthand appreciation for the anxiety that accompanies the opening of new healthcare construction. Whether a new building or renovated space, it is important to understand that building readiness and operational readiness are not the same. Just because a Certificate of Occupancy is achieved and a building is substantially complete, it does not mean you are ready to see patients. 



Beyond the Facility Master Plan- how to develop a system-wide access strategy

Article by Meta Dooley, SVP of Strategy Development, Catholic Health Initiatives, Jeff Kraut, Executive VP of Strategy and Analytics, Northwell Health, John Pierro, COO, Steward Health Care, Holly Sullivan, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Spectrum Health, Rex Holloway, RVP, Hammes Company-

 This white paper presents three broad steps for developing a system-wide access strategy. Healthcare leaders can use these steps to launch internal discussions about access and begin developing a powerful strategy for the coming decades as baby boomers progress through their peak healthcare consumption years. 



Healthcare Reform Drives New Building Model

Article by Chris Kay, President and COO-

Uncertainty abounds about the new political regime. Anticipated new reforms to the current healthcare system will keep the U.S. healthcare real estate markets in flux through 2017.



The Ambulatory Network of the Future

Article by Chris Kay, President and COO-

What is the Ambulatory Network of the Future? The disruptive trends described in this white paper are creating an environment where the acute care hospital is no longer the hub of the healthcare delivery system.



Healthcare's Yellow Brick Road, "Network of the Future"

Article by Nancy Kramek Connolly, Senior Vice President-

 In an effort to drive volume, develop better care pathways and maximize reimbursement under a quality/value umbrella, Systems Master Planning is the first brick on this path. Find out what SVP, Nancy Connolly suggests as we move forward in 2017.



Before the Shovel Hits the Ground: Key considerations for developing a new hospital, or major capital investments

Article by Nancy Kramek Connolly, Senior Vice President-

Before the shovel hits the ground, there is much to consider and a myriad of planning activities. Addressed below are the five key considerations for clients considering a new hospital, either replacement or new market entry.



Mitigating Risk

Article by Chris Kay, President and COO-

When it comes to capital facilities projects, mitigating risk and reducing costs go hand in hand. Discover key differentiators that will allow you to overcome obstacles for project success.



5 New Rules of Healthcare Facility Development

Co-Authored by David Connolly, Senior Vice President & Michael Scholl, Senior Vice President-

 Most healthcare organizations today are shifting from a hospital-centered strategy to an ambulatory network strategy. The goal is to build a “network of the future” by understanding the five new rules of healthcare facility planning. 

Reduce Healthcare Costs without Sacrificing Quality and Flexibility

Article by Rebecca Flink, RN, BSN, MHA; MGMA Connection-

One important method healthcare providers can deploy is operational prototyping to improve care quality, reduce costs, and deliver greater value is to focus on finding ways to standardize and replicate best practices across the continuum of care.

12 strategies for managing capital projects

Article by Richard L. Stoudt, Jr., hfm magazine-

Program management is a tool that can help healthcare leaders better define and shape new construction or renovation projects and reduce costs.

A tale of four hospitals

The shaky economy and industry upheaval of the past few years didn’t stop some health systems from strategically delivering major new hospital campuses.

Strategy is fueling FED fever

Freestanding emergency departments are all the rage, but they are more than just a fad – and providers are building them for different reasons than in the past.

Hospital construction methods lower costs, raise benefits

Advances in design and construction methods are enabling many hospitals and systems to deliver quality new facilities faster and at a lower cost than in year's past.